Friday, 11 February 2011

Mid February Already?!!

Wow, well that's another New Year's resolution: "to blog more often" well and truly broken!!  January absolutely flew by and February seems to be quickly following, it will be Real Nappy Week before we know it!

So now it is only my own fault that I have so much to catch you up with, but I will try and stay brief!  Once we were back in the office in January, we began work on following up the Early Day Motion on disposable nappy waste, we have a new volunteer who is getting some experience copywriting with us through one of our other projects: ReZolve Skills, so he wrote an email which was sent out to all MPs and also a letter for all of you to send to your local MP, encouraging them to sign the disposable nappy waste EDM.  We want as many signatures as posisble, so make sure that you send a letter and get your friends too as well! You find out how to can do this by clicking here

There seem to have been a real rush of celebrity births and pregnancies announced and it has been all we can do to keep up with getting the nappies out the door, we are also contacting them all about getting involved in Real Nappy Week which is all about Sharing the Secret, we do hope that there is a secret celeb out there who might step forward and admit to a Real Nappy passion!  We did have a call from This Morning on behalf of Holly Willoughby who thanked us for her nappy, no prime time spot secured yet however!

Our Facebook and Twitter apps are now hot, hot, hot, with loads of daily activity and we are really pleased to be able to give a wide variety of info and offers that are available out there.  In January we hosted our first webinar which went down very well.  The next one is on Monday and is all about convincing a reluctant partner so do join us as it could be a fairly amusing one, the Facebook discussion has already been quite lively!   We will be joined this month by Matt from Cheeks and Cherries who I believe helped to convince his wife Alix to give them a go!

We have been able to get all the event guides for Real Nappy Week live for members to view and more information for the general public will be up and ready next week - so watch this space!  Tara has also been working very hard on a report to let all our members now what we have been up to for the last year and is also streamlining all our admin processes so that we can get even more done!!

Well, I hope that you all have a lovely weekend and that you can all join us on Monday for the Valentine webinar!