Monday, 7 March 2011

Real Nappy Week Fast Approaching!!!

Every year Real Nappy Week doesn't so much creep up on us but rather runs straight at us at full tilt!!  2011 is no exception!  But we are happy to say we are ready for it and are ready to start getting parents all over the world Sharing the Secret. 

The idea is that you Real Nappy users, happily going about your business with baby snug and comfortable in a Real Nappy, are the very best people to spread the Real Nappy message, so we are asking you for just one week, one day or even one hour to let people know how great Real Nappies are.  We have lots of ideas on how you can do that and will support you every step of the way.

One of our exciting Real Nappy Week events is the Great Real Nappy Giveaway which will give Real Nappy users the chance to nominate a friend to receive a sample Real Nappy, a Go Real DVD and lots of information to help them take the Real Nappy plunge.  We will have hundreds of nappies to give away from a real mix of brands.  Our first company to announce their involvement in the nappy giveaway is Babykind who are giving away 100 nappies from the Wonderoos V2 and Real Easy ranges.  We have lots more to confirm so watch this space.

One person who has already been Sharing his Real Nappy secret is Elton John!  Before this revelation we sent him a lovely Tiger print nappy so we hope that baby Zachary is seen strutting his stuff in it for Real Nappy Week!

We were also pleased last month to hear that Real Nappies have made it on to the national curriculum in England!  We had been getting a suspicious amount of phone calls from teachers looking for information on the subject; so super sleuth Tara Jones got on the trail and discovered that the AQA examining board have included the subject of nappies and the environment as a question on the Child Development GCSE.  This is great news and gives us the opportunity to get the message across to a generation of potential parents who will be only too familiar with the disposable way of life.

But it is not just Go Real who have had a busy February, there has been loads of news from our members as well.  Here are some of the highlights:

Screaming Green announced they will be launching a scheme for selling second hand Real Nappies, which is fantastic news.  We get lots of people ringing Go Real to find out what they can do with their second hand nappies and as we all know, the more the nappies are used the greater the environmental benefit.  They also now have a lay away and pay by instalments scheme - more good news!!

Nappy Ever After launched two new Bummis prints

Baba Me launched their new online store selling lots of lovely natural parenting products including the popular Real Nappy ranges: Bum Genius, Flip and Econobum

Nappy Go Lucky celebrated their first birthday

Go Real welcomed new members: Hush-a-bye-Baby, Cheeky Beans, Nappy Bliss and Cambridge City.

For a full round up of all the news visit our news page