Thursday, 3 December 2015

Washing Power, Bio or Non Bio?

Washing powder, bio, or non bio? Recently you may have seen reports from the Nappy Science Gang (NSG) indicating that Biological Washing Powder is okay to wash your nappies with. They have said, that Biological Washing Powder is okay to use when washing babies garments. The enzyme's used are no longer believed to irritate babies sensitive skin.

The NSG is a fantastic project which has brought parents, nappy retailers and manufactures together to talk about the science of washing nappies. They have also conducted their own experiments to determine effective ways of washing nappies. We are very excited about seeing the results!

At Go Real, we will continue to recommend non bio washing powered when washing nappies, especially if your nappies are made of natural fibers such as bamboo or cotton. Please read the NSG's interview with Ian Strudwick, a fabric technician for more information on why enzymes are not good for natural fibers. 
It is really important to remember that nappies are washed more frequently and more intensively than clothing, meaning that they need more care taken when washing and we believe that using non bio powder will give them this extra care.

Click here to see our washing guidelines.

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