Thursday, 19 May 2011

Lots of New Converts

What has been great about this Real Nappy Week is the amount of people who seem to be trying Real Nappies for the first time and absolutely loving it!!  Charley, who has been taking on the Real Nappy Week challenge is a prime example, she is so smitten she is promoting them to her other reluctant friends.  Then their are the Brew Drinking Thinkings team who tested a whole range of Real Nappies and on the whole were really positive.  It just shows that by being open minded and just giving Real Nappies a try you can surprise yourself! 

So I want everyone that reads this to think of one person who you think should really reconsider their nappy choice, even if they've been reluctant in the past, and then nominate them to the Great Real Nappy Giveaway.  That one lovely free sample dropping through their letterbox might just be the incentive that they need!! 

1 comment:

  1. I'm one of the ladies who got to try out some of the nappies for Brew Drinking Thinkings' Real Nappy Week special. I sure had lots of fun and hope to help promote in my local area today.

    Thanks for being so helpful and giving us very useful information to pass on to others. :)