Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Waste Review...Zero waste or Zero Ambition....

I know what I think...it's dissapointing to see that following a submission to DEFRA as part of their Call to Evidence for the waste Review, an Early Day Motion in Parliament proposed by Austin Mitchell on behalf of Go Real and supported by 19 MP's including Caroline Lucas and Zac Goldsmith, lots of lobbying activity by the Real Nappy Alliance and a debate in Parliament on reusable products with specific focus on the impact of disposable nappies, there is no mention at all in the waste Review of the impact of disposable nappies, let alone one use disposable products in their entirety, and no mention of the benefits of reusable nappies and the savings to both local authorities and parents from using them.

I guess the upshot is that the report is already receiving critical feedback for its lack of ambition, with Friends of the Earth already saying it takes waste management back in time and will not deliver the Governments committment to a Zero Waste Economy. 

So whilst real nappies may not feature, nothing much else seems to feature either!

There are a few areas for encouragement and Go Real will be releasing a statement later today/tomorrow on what happens next.

Keep up the good work, plenty to suggest real nappies can still play a part in future waste prevention and nothing to suggest it can't.

Jon Rolls
Chief Exec
Go Real


  1. As someone who went from full time disposables to full time reusable nappies I really think the government are missing out on a key factor here. Not only did I not know the shocking numbers of using disposable nappies but I didn't want to spend my money on something I wasn't sure on. I was lucky to have been asked by Fill Your Pants to try Smartipants out and write about them in my blog and now we have gone from 1 real nappy to owning 16 nappies and a nappy bin.

    We could really do a lot if we just gave a single cloth nappy out to those interested in trying them before they just say no.